Variable frequency drivers, Soft starters, Servo drives and motors

Brake units, Braking resistor, Filters ...

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Variable frequency drives Servo drives and Motors Soft starters Spindle motors
Additional equipment for VFDs


Variable freqency drives
Variable frequency drivers Variable frequency drivers Variable frequency drivers Variable frequency drivers


Servo drives and Motors
Servo drives and motors
HSS86 Hybrid Servo step Drajver


Soft starters
Soft starters


Additional equipment for VFDs
Additional equipment for VFDs Brake units, Braking resistor, Filters, Potentiometers...


Spindle Motor Series
Air Cooled Spindle Motor Series Water Cooled Spindle Motor Series
Additional equipment for spindle motors


The warranty is one year  for all equipment. This warranty is valid only if the equipment is installed and used by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. 



Drives that are no longer on offer, documents for existing customers

 Variable frequency drivers

 Variable frequency drivers