Limit Switches

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HY-LS series HY-L series HY-M series  ME series  XCK-J series XCK series WL series


HY-LS series


HY-L series
HY-L802 HY-L802C HY-L803 HY-L804 HY-L807
HY-L808   HY-L809   HY-L800 built in switch  Connecting HY-L Series


HY-M series
 HY-M902  HY-M903  HY-M904  HY-M907 HY-M908L
  HY-M908R   HY-M909  


ME series
  ME 8122  MEA9107   MEA9166    
XCK-J series
XCK-J108 XCK-J121   XCK-J167 XCK-J10541

XCK series
XCK-T121 XCK-T106 XCK-S141 XCK-S159  XCK-P106 

WL series
WL-CA32-41 WL-CA12-2 WL-D2